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Music + making


Indie-folk, alt-country, rock ‘n’ roll. Sung by the voice of an angel who’s seen some things.

Ashley playing guitar and singing into a mic

Featured Track


by The Lowest Bitter (featuring Ashley Brewer)

music and production by The Lowest Bitter, vocals and lyrics by Ashley Brewer

February Album Writing Month (FAWM) and assorted demos:

good songs, slapdash production

Demos on BandCamp (FAWM 2020)

Demos on SoundCloud (FAWMs 2017-2019)

Demos and covers on YouTube (FAWM 2015 + misc)

Live one-take performances, covers and updates

Demos, one-take videos, and covers on Facebook


Sharing my adventures in sewing, macrame, dyeing, cooking, and other home economics.

Two images of Ashley taking a selfie in a mirror in the same homemade dress in differing lengths.
Two versions of the Cris Woods envelope dress

Coming soon.