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Libraries + UX

Ashley Brewer is a user experience librarian with 6+ years of experience leading technology projects in academic libraries, dedicated to equity and justice in web and systems design and fostering openness, inclusion, and humanity in technology.

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Selected Presentations

The Web User Experience Working Group: one academic library’s grassroots and outside-the-org-structure effort to build an inclusive culture of UX. Brewer, A. Accepted to UXLibs 6, 2021

Spelling UX D-E-I: Strategies and Ideas for Centering Your UX Practice around Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Brewer, A. Presented at Information Architecture Conference, 2020

Personal README Files: User Manuals for Library Staff. Boyer J., Brewer, A., and Vacek, R. Presented at Designing for Digital, 2020

We’re already doing that! Reworking old tech for new problems. Brewer, A., Miller, H. Presented at Designing for Digital, 2019

Getting away with it: rapidly deploying the new Primo UI in 90 days or less. Brewer, A., Siegel, T. Presented at Ex Libris Users of North America, 2018

Your Web Committee is ruining your website and bringing everybody down: how to manage a library website with minimal resources and maximum buy-in and still enjoy your job. Brewer, A. Presented at Designing for Digital, 2018